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Sapienism Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary!

It’s memory-lane time, looking back at what occupied my mind in 2022, realizing that if it was Sapienism’s most prolific year, it's mainly because I’ve been troubled – even more than usual :-)

I started 2022 trying to figure out what Dalí and Dante are doing in my hot tub, only to begin my journey to the ends of love, finding one upon the altar of love, another in its hourglass. Kafka and a Mexico helped me listen to the silence of my siren on my sail back to Ithaca.

But they could hardly ease my nuclear anxiety. With Putin’s finger on the button, I analyzed his politics of bad faith and of self-determination, vainly suggesting ways to avert Armageddon, and restructuring world order. I sought respite with my existentialist Purim play, but in retrospect it was just as political as what followed: trying to understand why and how people turn politics into therapy for their personal problems, following mighty martyrs worldwide, and in Israel.

As 2022 begun to slip through my fingers, I thought about what human hands can tell us, what we owe a debt of gratitude to, and whether 2022 word of the year should be on the list.

Have a wonderful 2023, full of life, love, and hope! Uriel

Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, Day, 1904
Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, Day, 1904

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