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What are we? Human beings, for sure, but what does it mean?

To answer, we have devised many images of humans: the homo biologicus, impelled by evolutionary imperatives; homo economicus, motivated by material cost-benefit calculation; homo sociologicus, driven by identities; and homo psychologicus, propelled by emotions.

But these are all traits we share with animals or machines.

What, then, sets us apart, and brings us together, as humans – wherein stands the homo sapiens?

If we wish to live up to our titular “wisdom” (sapience), the time is ripe for a new science to emerge, investigating that which is uniquely human. Sapienology, we might call it, and append it with Sapienism: a plea to recall, and live up to, our humanity, taking it as far and as free as it can possibly be.

Gustav Klimt, Death and Life

Why Breathe? Why Breed? Why Bleed?

What justifies continuing, creating, and killing lives? Here we explore these puzzles...

Our humanity can no longer be taken for granted; it must be rediscovered, cultivated, lifted to new heights  – moving on from “human being” to “human becoming.”

In we will post reflections on art, research and society, as they indicate the obstacles and progress on this path.

We hope you join us!


Uriel Abulof

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