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HOPE edX Priceton/TAU course


Can we lose our humanity?
Only if we lose sight of what it means to be human.

What then sets us apart, and brings us together, as humans?
Can we move on from “human being” to “human becoming”?

What are the socio-political implications?

To find out, join

HOPE: What Makes Us Human

(Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism)

An award-winning edX course
by Princeton University & Tel Aviv University

Taught by Prof Uriel Abulof

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​The course explores, on both individual and political levels, the following themes:
Human/nature, identity & authenticity, freedom, reflection, happiness, death & dread, meaning, morality, truth & trust, God & religion, alienation & love, and finally – hope.

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Talking HOPE

What do we make of identity, truth, God, love, hope...?


Slippery HOPE
Featured clips, including the Introduction Clip


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