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Good Grades – Bad Grades

Writer and Illustrator: Keshet Leah Abulof

I heard many stories from my friend, and I thought this one is the least scary…

Once upon a time there was a little girl, who loved dolls.

She really wanted one, but her Parents said she can't get it until she showed them her grades.

So she did, and they were all good.

So they went to the toy store...

...and there was a shelf full of old rusty dolls. One was in a shape of a clown, its left hand in a fist, its right hand pointing three fingers.

The girl wanted that doll, but the owner refused. The mom insisted, and was willing to pay $100. Finally, the owner agreed, but said: “Only if you promise not to leave your girl alone with the doll!”

So they went home and to bed.

In the morning, the mom wanted to wake her daughter up, but she found her dead on the floor, with the doll next to her. The doll was holding up four fingers, and a fist.

The End

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